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Bushboy is no boy from the bush. Bushboy is no boy for the bush. Bushboy is a friend of the bush. Bushboy is a friend of all bushes (and trees). Bushboy is not a friend to the Bushes (also to the rest of mankind).

Bushboy lost three persons, important to his life, by the Bushes: His love was killed by a bomb dropped over an African country by order of a Bush. His friend was blown up by a bomb-belt worn by a fanatic assassin, ordered by the same Bush. Another friend died by the bombing of a Middle East Country, ordered by another Bush. (His grandfather was killed by some European dictator. That dictator only came to power, because an earlier Bush betrayed his own country, making family’s fortune by big deals, financing the later dictator, arming his private armies, arming then his country, sending it to war to assure the business interests of Bush and his friends / partners, gaining about $ 1.5 billion today’s worth with that.)

Bushboy now is around the globe, fighting ignorance, wishing that the US people, good and brave people like all people around this planet, some day will see and so will desire democracy, not just for the rest of the world but also for themselves. That day, no more Bushes, whatever would be their name, will be and world’s going to have peace, not to rest in peace, like the Bushes want us to…

love and peace for all of you