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Before the Mandalorian Wars, Atris was a Jedi historian who saw the Jedi Order as the symbol of light, justice and perfection. All that changed when the Jedi Exile defied the Jedi Order to participate in the Mandalorian Wars with Revan. Having one whom she cared about defy everything she believed in shook her to her very core. As a member of the Jedi Council, Atris feared being ostracized by the Council if she followed the Exile to war. Part of Atris wanted to punish the Exile for bringing her perfect view on the Jedi to an end, while part of her wanted to understand why the Exile defied the Council yet felt justified in doing so. In the beginning, Atris naively pronounced death for the Exile posthumously after the trial. As she privately sought to understand the Exile's motivations (part of the reason for her keeping of Sith holocrons), she clung even more desparately to her perfect view of the Jedi to the point of fanaticism. It built up a pressure that finally exploded when Darth Traya coerced Atris into ceasing her self-denials - and accept her new dark persona. Part of the reason why Atris hid on Telos is that she believed she could more easily maintain her perfect world in isolation. As Darth Traya once said, Atris had no one to blame but herself. No one forced her into the choices she made - not the Jedi, not Traya and certainly not the Exile. --Chameleon

Save Atris?


I'll know this for sure in a couple of days, but... When I played through the game the first time, as light-side, there was no choice to save Atris. The Sith Holocrons killed her. Was there a way to save her, or am I misunderstanding the concept of "save"? --Anon.

I was never able to keep Atris physically alive, so I think the 'saving' refers more to her immortal soul, or whatever the SW equivalent vis-a-vis the Force was. --maru 02:29, 6 Jun 2005 (UTC)
Although they do hiss angrily at the end whatever you do, the Holocrons are never actually shown to kill or drive her insane so I'd say it's entirely possible that she is saved by any of the Light or neutral dialogue options. --Exile.

Blue lightsaber?


On the picture the lightsaber is indeed blue, but if I remember correctly, when she faces the Exile her lightsaber is red. --Sikon 02:43, 23 Jun 2005 (UTC)

...which only makes sense since she went Sith at that point, and Sith liked the high-powered lightsabers- which incidentally turn red in the process. --maru 16:10, 23 Jun 2005 (UTC)

She always uses your lightsaber I believe. Whatever color you said it was --Darkling235 16:33, 19 September 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Atris as Darth Traya


There's some evidence (in the sound files) and various threads over at Obisidian Entertainment's boards that Atris was originally meant to be Darth Traya. Is this worth noting in the main article?

Sure. I believe it's also documented in the strategy guide (don't have it on me right now, unfortunately). Nufy8 06:15, 12 January 2006 (UTC)[reply]

In the strategy guide, in the fight between the Exile and Atris, she is said to have pronounced herself Darth Traya, and was wearing robes like Traya's. I have no idea how that plotline would have gone.

Yes, she was supposed to be Darth Traya. But, out of curiosity, if you saved her, and redeemed her, or even if you didn't, what was Kreia's role in all this, in the end? Where did she go? Yes, you go to Malachor to 'kill' the planet, and Sion, for the final time, but what about Kreia? DessislavaAnek 22:57, 10 September 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Sound files found in the various folders seems to indicate that Atris could end up on Malachor V and kill the Exile's companions. Atris would fall to the dark side and replace Kreia as the final boss. This could explain the cutscene in the secret tomb on Korriban, where Kreia appears as a vision to the Exile and says "am i not worthy of redemption?", where you can decide to side with her or not. This, so this plot twist was likely scrapped during an early stage of development. Canderous Ordo 22:37, 2 October 2006 (UTC)[reply]